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Who is Alter-Echos ?

The association Alter-Echos, founded in November 2009, aims “at acting for more justice, more solidarity and sustainability in our societies, through the preservation of ecosystems, the mitigation of the effects of climate change, a sustainable development and international solidarity » .
To this end, Alter Echo produces in particular « studies and analyses in order to popularise experiences and concrete alternatives« . Members are all involved as employees or volunteers in organisations or networks related to the areas of international solidarity, social justice and / or environmentalism.

Echos of Alternatives :

On the road to Cancun (Mexico), the next International Summit on climate change (November 28 - December 10), Sophie Chapelle and Maxime Combes, involved in the project “Echos of alternatives” will meet up associations and communities involved in projects aiming at transforming their livelihoods, consumption patterns, housing, and local network social relations. These initiatives combine ecological, democratic and social requirements and show that real solutions to climate change are already there, experienced and put into practice. Despite the media attention, the Copenhagen summit did not live up to the expectations of civil society and public opinion What could not be resolved in 2009 is unlikely to be so in December 2010 in Cancun. Yet, from urban agriculture to relocation of activities, from development of local and renewable energy to peasant agro-ecological experiments, from cooperatives of production to seeds saving, many interesting initiatives exist but are quite unknown.
The project takes place in two steps:

  • From June to December 2010, interviews and multimedia reports (combining text, sound, video, photos) will be made and promoted in different media publications (magazines, radio programs, websites …).
  • From January to June 2011, several initiatives will be organized: public debates, screenings, book…

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